The Obtain: Recycling clothes, and fish-friendly hydropower



The scoop: Lower than 1% of clothes is recycled. Lots of the leisure finally ends up dumped in a landfill or burned. A crew of researchers hopes to modify that with a brand new procedure that breaks down mixed-fiber clothes into reusable, recyclable portions with none sorting or separation prematurely.

How they did it: Many clothes are manufactured from a mixture of herbal and artificial fibers. As soon as those fibers are blended, they’re tough to split. To take on this drawback, the crew used a solvent that breaks the chemical bonds in polyester material whilst leaving cotton and nylon intact. To hurry up the method, they energy it with microwave power and upload a zinc oxide catalyst. 

Why it issues: Whilst identical strategies had been used to recycle pre-sorted plastic, that is the primary time they’ve been used to recycle mixed-fiber textiles with none sorting required. Learn the total tale.

—Sarah Ward

What new hydropower tech says about local weather motion

Again at MIT Era Assessment’s ClimateTech match in 2022, Gia Schneider, a cofounder of Natel Power, spoke about her corporate’s challenge to design hydropower generators which can be more secure for fish.

As an instance her level, she shared grisly photographs of fish that have been hit via standard turbine blades. Then again, the fish swimming via Natel’s generators gave the impression quite unbothered, curving across the blades and happening their merry method downstream

Just lately, our local weather reporter Casey Crownhart had a talk with Schneider about how Natel is operating to modify hydropower generation and juggle local weather motion with freshwater ecosystems to make hydropower a little bit extra fish-friendly. Learn the total tale.

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