No Money for Marketing? Use These 10 Strategies [Expert Advice]

Businesses usually make the first cuts to marketing expenditures during uncertain economic times.

If you are low on funds, use these free, high-yield marketing strategies. Additionally, get advice from HubSpot’s knowledgeable startup marketers. The most effective non-financial marketing tactics will be covered in this article.”

[1] Create a plan for your content marketing.

Do you want long-term, cheap growth? Content marketing is the way to go, according to HubSpot for Startups’ head of marketing, Janelle Apaydin. She explains that using content marketing to educate customers is one way to gradually increase the amount of organic search results. Not sure where to begin? Consider videos, particularly those that are brief. According to our 2023 Marketing Trends poll, short-form video is currently the most popular trend among marketers, being used by over 33% of them. In addition, the majority of responders think it has the highest ROI and is the most effective. Then, blogs are an excellent way to broaden your audience, draw in new readers, and make new connections. Determine who you wish to speak with and what issues they are facing. Composing blogs that deliver readers a specific, practical takeaway and offer them relief from their concerns is advised by digital marketing expert Vana Korrapati. This is a way to produce leads for sales. Blogging has played a major role in HubSpot’s success, as the company’s blog has grown to be a trusted source for sales managers, customer service agents, and marketers.

“Podcasting is a viable option that must not be disregarded. To get things going, a little time and financial investment is needed. By transforming your blog entries into captivating podcast episodes, you can elevate your storytelling to a new level. Your first priority should be quality rather than quantity. Head of GTM Partnerships at HubSpot for Startups Canada Mina Behrooz states that “it’s not about churning out 60 blog articles out there or low quality YouTube videos and hoping that you’ll receive traffic.” For something to be genuinely ageless, it only takes a few outstanding blog posts or a YouTube video. Next, Behrooz suggests exercising as much patience as possible and doing as much business promotion as is practical. Starting will be easy with the help of marketing software like HubSpot’s Marketing Hub.”

[2-“Searching for cross-promotional alliances is a smart idea:]

You and another company need to have comparable consumer bases in order to use co-marketing. When funds are limited, Tricia O’Brien, senior marketing manager for the HubSpot for Startups team, believes that pooling resources is a great idea. “You can develop content that offers value to your prospects and showcases your products or services,” she says, providing you with her assistance. “By working together, both businesses may reach a wider range of potential customers at a reduced overall cost.”

[3-“Spend time and money on social media to build a strong online identity:]

In recent years, the practice of using social media to advertise a good or service has only increased. It’s actually one of the main ways that Gen Z and millennials find out about new products and businesses. With merely a camera phone and a focus on building and interacting with communities through the sharing of personal narratives, you might become a social media behemoth.”

Therefore, try not to feel pressured to be everywhere at once. “Select your top three” is my normal advise to newly established businesses. According to Behrooz, “You don’t need to be everywhere; instead, focus on what’s free and establish your credibility there.” You must take your target market’s geography into account before making a decision. Is the Generation Z crowd who you want to reach? Thus, TikTok merits a prominent place on the list. for the next generation. It’s possible that you would order Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that way. In search of some enjoyable and competitive gamers Check out Discord or Twitch. Software such as HubSpot’s Social Media Management Tools can help you get started with social media.”

[4-“It’s critical to increase the number of people participating in their local communities:]

Our report, Social Media Trends 2023, demonstrates that social media marketers must put more effort than ever into building a strong online community if they want to succeed in this field. Ninety percent of those surveyed think that if a social media strategy does not prioritize building and interacting with an active online community, it will not succeed in 2023. Twenty percent of social media users have joined an online community in the last three months, and twenty-two percent are actively involved in one, according to the findings of our Consumer Trends survey.”

“All of this indicates that building a devoted following is crucial to building a powerful brand. To do this, no financial investment is required. If you’re just starting out, email lists, Discord channels, and Facebook groups are all excellent options. Where your target audience spends their time online will dictate how you should reach them. You can plan or sponsor regional events that will help you establish a connection with your target audience if you have the necessary funds.”

[5-Offer free samples or access to helpful resources:]

Granting a complimentary trial time is an excellent marketing tactic, even though it may appear to be a commercial or financial choice.

According to Apaydin, providing free trials is an affordable way to show prospective customers how valuable your product is. Offering a complimentary trial is an excellent approach to illustrate your ability to address your customer’s problem before they decide to buy, especially if you’re sure your solution will sell itself. Free trials are a good way to get leads to give you their contact information so you can nurture them into customers, according to Apaydin. Before the customer can truly appreciate your goods, you have to offer them a taste. Korrapati said the guests would not want to leave after receiving such opulent pampering. Korrapati says you may still gain valuable insights from the responses of those who choose not to buy your luxury product. You will also discover issues that you were ignorant of, and all of this can be accomplished without incurring additional costs for market research. In addition to a trial, you can also offer material in the form of reports, white papers, case studies, ebooks, and guides. Such lead magnets are fantastic because they draw in your target audience as possible clients while also assisting you in winning their confidence.

[6-“Get rid of freebies:]

Freebies, according to O’Brien, are a successful tactic to persuade prospective buyers to convert or make a purchase. The best part is that you shouldn’t have to pay for them. There’s a common misconception that doing giveaways costs a significant amount of money. She goes on to say that companies can make savings by hosting competitions with freebies created from supplies they already have. An instance can be “for example, one hour of your time to provide consultation services in your area of expertise or a free trial of your services.”

“Katey Gold, senior partner marketing manager at HubSpot, concurs and stresses the significance of presentation. “Look at how you’re asking if you’re asking your customer to take action in order to receive something,” advises Gold. Consumers should feel like they’re getting a good deal rather than merely having to complete out another form in order to receive a free gift that is available to everybody.

[7- Encourage the public to provide content:]

User-generated material, or UGC, is a priceless asset for any business. Why? It sometimes needs very little labor on your part, can be utilized later, and serves as a type of social evidence. Among the UGC examples are:

  1. A happy customer provides a video review in which they state:
  2. A social media testimonial from a client
  3. A portion of a blogger’s or prominent person’s website

User-generated content, like user reviews, doesn’t need a budget, according to O’Brien, since cellphones with cameras and microphones are so commonplace.

“Adding testimonials from actual consumers helps bolster the trustworthiness of your advertising and show social proof that your offering is well received,” she explains. Gold suggests thinking about how to get clients to provide this kind of content to your company. She suggests thinking about the long-term effects even though instant rewards like gift cards or swag can be useful. “How can one reward loyal customers at a cheap cost? One simple method to gather user-generated content (UGC) and give the consumer a sense of appreciation from the brand’s audience is to share a customer review on social media and tag the customer in the post. Additionally, user-generated material can be included into a larger marketing plan. Lay’s has had a “Do Us a Flavor” campaign for many years wherein consumers can recommend new flavors for the chip line. It entertains and interests the target audience while increasing brand recognition for the business.”

[8-Make a web broadcast:]

Inbound marketers concentrate on offering value to their target audience in order to produce leads for your company. One way to do this is through webinars. Apaydin continues, “Webinars are a low-cost way to educate customers at every stage of the sales funnel.” These can be hosted by team members who are also subject matter experts, and they are inexpensive to put on. ” However, if you’re the host, Behrooz thinks there’s one thing you should keep in mind. Behrooz recommends using your webinar to educate your audience rather than as a vehicle for making a sales pitch. In the event that you don’t [or] if you use dull words, the audience will lose interest. In a similar spirit, Apaydin advises starting by speaking with a client’s pain spot. Panel discussions including your partners and/or consumers will, according to her, “create greater interest in the event and also make it more engaging.” Additionally, webinars are a fantastic method to grow your email list and make new contacts. This will only have beneficial effects.”

[9-Remember how crucial search engine optimization is:]

You want to be found by people without having to pay for advertisements, am I right? After that, you ought to invest in your SEO strategy. Two considerations can help to simplify the process of creating an SEO strategy: Google and your target audience. The former, since you’ll need to understand which keywords to optimize for in order to have your website appear in search results. Making sure Google can comprehend the architecture of your website is the second stage.

A few fundamentals are necessary for search engine optimization, including:

  1. Examining search phrases
  2. Establishing Links
  3. Site Organization”

[10-“Your business ought to be listed in pertinent business directories.]

Since many potential clients find your company through internet directories like Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook, it is imperative that you maintain an accurate listing there.

Customers will be able to readily access your company’s name, address, and website, but they will also be able to peruse reviews and ratings left by prior clients.

A quick and easy way to improve your internet presence and establish a stronger connection with your target audience is to make sure these directories are current.

Ultimately, advertising doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Even with a small budget, you can achieve a lot. In actuality, slightly more labor is required for the great majority of the aforementioned strategies than for the actual creation of the material.

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