Koenigsegg determines reason for Jesko hearth in Greece



Following a radical investigation, Koenigsegg has made up our minds the reason for a hearth that led to one of the crucial corporate’s $3 million Jesko hypercars burning to the bottom in Greece in mid-June.

In an Instagram publish made on June 20, Koenigsegg CEO and founder Christian von Koenigsegg stated a leak of hydraulic fluid at the highway floor close to the wreckage of the 1,600-hp automobile, plus a compromised pressurized hydraulic hose at the automobile itself is the possibly reason for the fireplace.

He stated components just like the gas tank, and oil techniques for the engine and transmission had been intact after the fireplace used to be put out and now not compromised whatsoever, thus not going to be the supply of the fireplace.

He added that nobody used to be injured via the incident however as a precaution the corporate asked that homeowners grasp off from using their vehicles till they may be able to be amassed to a carrier middle for an inspection of any pressurized hydraulic hoses.

Instagram post by Koenigsegg made on June 20, 2024

Instagram publish via Koenigsegg made on June 20, 2024

For additonal protection, Koenigsegg may also increase a device device that may sense a drive drop or leak within the hydraulic device and motive it to close down, will have to such a topic stand up someday, von Koenigsegg stated.

Buyer deliveries of the Jesko began in past due 2022 and simply 125 examples are destined to be constructed. For the buyer whose automobile used to be destroyed via hearth, Koenigsegg has promised to construct a brand new one.

The Jesko is available in Assault and Absolut variations, and the model that stuck hearth used to be a Jesko Assault. The Jesko Assault includes a high-downforce setup designed for reaching best monitor occasions, whilst the Jesko Absolut includes a low-downforce setup designed for best velocity runs. Each variations game a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V-8 that with E85 makes the total 1,600 hp. Filling the automobile up with common gas drops the facility score to at least one,280 hp.

The automaker this week additionally introduced the Jesko Absolut broke the file for the 0-400-0 kph (0-249-0 mph) run, via requiring simply 27.8 seconds to succeed in the feat. The former file of 28.8 seconds used to be set via any other Koenigsegg, the Regera, in 2023.



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