Although having long, healthy hair is ideal, it frequently calls for time and attention. Remember that it takes time to achieve those long, flowing locks a la Rapunzel. But it’s not impossible to accelerate hair growth—in fact, it’s really doable! Here’s how to drive those hair follicles in the proper direction and accelerate your hair growth. These pointers are drawn from my own experience.

Enjoy a Hair Mask.

Applying a hair mask, either before to or following shampooing, can yield amazing results. When I have the time, I occasionally even combine the two. I liberally apply coconut oil as a pre-wash treatment, letting it sit for at least half an hour (or longer if time permits). I used to do this before every wash, and after a few months, I could see that my hair was getting healthier and longer. You may use any organic coconut oil, but Trader Joe’s brand is my personal favorite. My hair feels smooth and silky after using it, which makes styling a snap.
Steer clear of heat styling.Even though using heat to style your hair is enticing, try to control your impulse. I discovered the hard way that heat can be harmful to hair development. My hair grew more slowly the more heat styling I did to it. Accept the texture of your hair as it is, and if you must apply heat, utilize it indirectly by blow drying your hair rather than directly. When heat styling, always wear a heat protectant. I myself only blow-dry my hair once a month, or perhaps not at all, and that’s when I saw the biggest improvements.
Make Your Hair Routine SimplerI used to overdo my hair with creams and treatments in an effort to promote growth. This caused unneeded complication to my routine and confused my hair. Reduce the number of tools you use and stick to what works for you. Often, little is more.
Think About Add-onsAlthough biotin is frequently suggested for hair development, I wasn’t comfortable taking it. I tried a lot of various brands, but I was never able to find one that worked for me. In fact, I didn’t drink enough water when I took my first biotin tablet, which led to breakouts. Do your homework and select a brand of biotin that works for you if you decide to give it a try. In my experience, collagen supplements work well. I first purchased collagen to smooth out the texture and tone of my skin because I had acne scars. Apart from its beneficial effects on the skin, collagen also encourages hair development and overall health of the hair.
Hydrate Your ManeStaying hydrated is essential for preserving hair health and avoiding breakage. After washing, especially if you don’t intend to style it, lightly oil your hair from the mid-shaft to the ends to strengthen it and encourage growth. If your roots naturally tend to become oily, stay away from putting oil to them. Shine, softness, and strength are all improved by the lightweight, efficient moisturizing properties of almond oil. Use any oil that works best for your type of hair.
Increase Interval Between WashesWashing your hair every few days rather than every day will give it a break. Regular bathing might remove the natural oils that your scalp produces, which are good for hair development. Although it can be difficult, this adjustment is worthwhile. Gradually increase the time between washes; start with two to three days. I can now go for a week without washing, and my hair has grown back a lot as a result.
Techniques for Gently DryingWhen drying your hair after washing, stay away from using a standard towel as this can lead to breakage and damage. Years have passed since I last used a T-shirt, but microfiber towels made expressly for hair drying are also available.
Conscientious CleaningParticularly when your hair is damp, gently brush it. To avoid breakage and damage, if you must brush damp hair, use a wet brush or proceed with extreme caution.

In less than a year and a half, these techniques enabled me to cut my shoulder-length hair into almost waist-length hair. When you’re anxious for long hair, the trip may seem lengthy, but have patience and accept the process. Enjoying the path to longer, healthier locks depends on your ability to believe in your development at every turn.

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