Cross Telem at the Mountain: Making Song in Sierra Leone | Song



Solomon Fatoma, aka Solo’s Beat, creates his song from the sounds he unearths throughout him.

Solomon Fatoma makes exceptional song. He’s a multitalented composer and singer-songwriter in Sierra Leone who’s sometimes called Solo’s Beat. He blends a spread of musical kinds with ordinary tools to supply his unique song. Those creative recordings replicate his ideals that he and different Africans have distinctive sounds to percentage with the arena. He information sound results from a spread of ordinary assets round him and stocks song with Telem, the collective for musicians he co-founded.

Adenike Hamilton is a storyteller, filmmaker and journalist primarily based in her homeland of Freetown, Sierra Leone. She is a story exchange practitioner and works as an affect manufacturer, conducts storytelling workshops globally and is a 2023 DW Optimistic Journalism Fellow.



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