A polyester-dissolving procedure may make trendy clothes recyclable  



However, the method might be tricky to scale, says Bryan Vogt, a chemical engineer at Penn State College, who used to be no longer concerned within the learn about. That’s since the solvent used to wreck down polyester is pricey and hard to get well after use. Additional, consistent with Andini, although BHET is well grew to become again into clothes, it’s much less transparent what to do with the leftover fibers. Nylon might be particularly difficult, as the material is degraded considerably through the workforce’s chemical recycling methodology. 

“We’re chemical engineers, so we call to mind this procedure as a complete,” says Andini. “With a bit of luck, after we are in a position to get natural elements from every phase, we will become them again into yarn and make garments once more.” 

Andini, who simply gained a fellowship for marketers, is growing a marketing strategy to commercialize the method. Within the coming years, she objectives to release a startup that may take the garments recycling methodology out of the lab and into the true international. Which may be a vital step towards decreasing the huge quantities of textile waste in landfills. “It’ll be an issue of getting the capital or no longer,” she says, “however we’re running on it and excited for it.” 



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